How to Set the Global User Actors Folder in Isadora (Mac Only)

Setting the Global User Actor Folder

(Note: If you already have your Global User Actors Folder setup, you can just copy and paste User Actors into it, close Isadora, then reopen Isadora in order to get new User Actors or Macros, that you’ve downloaded from the forum or are transferring from another machine, into Isadora.)

If you do not have your Global User Actors Folder setup, please follow the instructions below.

Set Global User Actors Folder Step 1

Steps 1-3

Step 1: Open Isadora

Step 2: Left click the “Actors” tab on the Toolbar at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Left click “Set Global User Actor Folder” on the dropdown menu.

Set Global User Actor Folder Step 2

Step 4

Step 4: This will open a window where you will select the folder that you want to keep your User Actors and Macros. If you don’t have a folder setup already, create a new folder on your desktop and name it “User Actors”, then select it. 

(Note: You can put your folder anywhere, I just have my User Actor folder on my desktop.)

Step 5: Copy and paste any User Actors (filetype .iau [Isadora User Actor]), into your new User Actors folder.

(This folder is also where you want to save any User Actors or Macros that you create yourself.)

Step 6: After setting the Global User Actors Folder, quit Isadora, then reopen it.

(Note: User Actors and Macros that have been placed in the User Actors folder while Isadora has been open will not show up in your User Actors tab in Isadora until you complete this step!)

(Note: Closing the Isadora Patch does not close Isadora. You will need to click on “Isadora” at the top left of your Toolbar and choose “Quit Isadora” at the bottom of the dropdown menu in order to close the program.)

Set Global User Actor Folder Step 3

Step 7: Reopen Isadora

Step 7: Reopen Isadora. The User Actors and Macros will now be loaded into Isadora’s library of User Actors.

Note: You can place User Actors just like normal Actors.

Read the comments in the screenshot above for more information.

Any questions? My Isadora Forum handle is “Woland”, so either contact me there or contact me via my website.


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