ISNYC – *FREE* Monthly Isadora Meetings in NYC

About Isadora Stammtisch NYC (ISNYC)


In 2017, after the 2nd Isadora Werkstatt Berlin, (an annual summit of Isadora Users from all over the world), the idea was born to organize regular regional meetings. Isadora Stammtisch Vienna (by Alexander Nantschev) and New York (by Lucas Wilson-Spiro) are the first two nodes, with hopefully many more to come!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like some advice on how to go about starting a Stammtisch series in your city!

What is ISNYC?

ISNYC is free monthly event that I organize which is focused on learning, teaching, and exploring Isadora. ISNYC is open to Isadora Users of all levels of Isadora proficiency, including (especially!) beginners. Everyone is invited and welcome, no matter if they are a seasoned veteran or have never worked with Isadora before.

For Individuals

ISNYC is great way to learn more about Isadora, help others learn more about Isadora, ask for Isadora advice pertaining to specific projects/performances, and to form connections with other Isadora Users in NYC.

For Communities of Artists

My hope is that ISNYC will provide help to create a space for a creative exchange of works in progress, serve as a springboard for future ideas, as well as strengthening and expanding the Isadora community. ISNYC is still in its fledgling phase, but I’m hoping to see it grow it as time goes on. I’m in conversations about it with folks who range from undergrad students, to grad students, to professional artists, designers, and technicians.

The goals are to share work, teach and learn from each other, open the floor to anyone who wishes to give small mini-presentations or lesson based on their specialty, and to help hive-mind solutions for each other’s upcoming projects/productions when desired.

For Students

I’m trying to get more students involved because ISNYC is a great chance for them to learn from and connect with talented and successful artists, designers, and technicians.
College/University professors are welcome and encouraged to make their design students aware of ISNYC, but I do need to know if there is interest from large groups ahead of time so I have  time to source a venue of an appropriate size.

For Professional Artists, Designers, and Technicians

Anyone who knows Isadora is aware that there’s always more to learn. Working artists, designers, and technicians have just as much to learn and gain from attending as students do! My specialties are show control programming and interactive technology, what are yours?

Want to attend ISNYC? Please Click Here!

Can’t Make it to ISNYC?

If you’re unable to attend ISNYC, and are a NYC-based Isadora User, and would like to meet up one-on-one with me to play around with Isadora, please feel free to contact me. If you want to hire me, I also teach private and group Isadora workshops, and work as projection designer, system and design consultant, video and show control programmer, and general theater technician. Please see my LinkedIn for my work examples, past work experience, and resume.

 ISNYC Event Archive

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